Lady Gaga redefined the meaning of statuesque in sky-high shoes for renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz . Gaga literally towered over everyone and she’s only 5’1″ tall, until she came crashing down.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, wore what had to be 24″ heels and stilts to pose for Vanity Fair in a flowing gold dress that was half Marie Antoinette and half Nefertiti.

Underneath her flowing tiered skirt, Gaga, known for her outrageous footwear, wore sky-high shoes and stilts.

Gaga was photographed on a New York street next to a hotdog stand.

Check out Gaga’s photos; click to enlarge.

Lady Gaga took the tumble during the shoot today (Sept. 12) in New York’s Central Park.

She lost her balance and fell in a heap of fabric. But she was quickly helped to her feet and the shoot continued.

Gaga is not known to be the most nimble when it comes to keeping her feet while performing, and sometimes her clothes work against her.

But once she was upright again, she wowed the crowed in her outfit.

Gaga, a New York native, told MTV she’s devoted to the city and said it influenced her latest album, Born This Way.

‘I mean, there’s so many stories that people don’t know,’ she said. Now she’s one of them, again.