Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong Gives Dead Husband No Rest 1Beverly Hills housewife Taylor Armstrong will give her dead husband Russell no rest as Bravo presses forward with a story line in the reality television show that paints him as a serial abuser.

Russell Armstrong, 47, who was estranged from Taylor, died a gruesome death in August, hanging himself in despair over finances, alleged gay sex secrets and in part, over how the show would portray him in the new season.

Meanwhile, Taylor was busy after they split, running up $90,000 on his charge card, according to Russell’s mother John Ann Hotchkiss.

Bravo producers talked about suspending the show, but decided the season would go on. The premiere earlier this month included a segment on Russell’s death.

Check out Taylor’s gruesome photos; click to enlarge.

Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong Gives Dead Husband No Rest 2Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong Gives Dead Husband No Rest 3

Bravo opened the episode with a simple message: “Life goes on. It has to.”

That apparently cleared them to run disturbing images of Taylor lying in a hospital bed with a black eye.

Entertainment Tonight aired the photos in a special investigation into Russell’s suicide.

Taylor, 40, charged on the show last season that Russell was abusive toward her. She was reportedly rushed to the hospital last June after a fight in which she received the black eye.

Taylor filed for divorce, alleging in an interview with People that she and Russell, often had “explosive arguments.”

The arguments included physical violence; He allegedly grabbing her, threw objects, shoved her and pulled her hair.

Russell complained that he was going broke trying to pay for Taylor’s spending habits in her effort to keep up with the other cast members on the show.

“This show has literally pushed us to the limit,” he said in an interview earlier this year.

In the latest episode, Taylor and co-star Kyle Richards have a hot tub moment during a weekend at Camille Grammer’s lodge in Beaver Creek, Colo.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever let go of the resentment,” she says. “I’m scared.”

One thing is certain, Russell won’t be around to cry foul.