George Clooney Girlfriend Stacey Keibler Towers Over Him 1Actor George Clooney and his new girlfriend Stacey Keibler made their first appearance together this week, and it’s no wonder the Hollywood hunk has kept her under wraps. Stacey towered over him.

Keibler, a former pro wrestler, is a reported 5’11” tall, the same as Clooney. And, she’s 19 years his junior.

But other reports claim her legs are 42-inches long. That would put her over six feet, if her body is proportionate.

Plus, the former athlete has excellent posture, while Clooney is round-shouldered and slumps.

George split with his Italian model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in late June, after she talked about wanting to get married and have children.

Keibler and Clooney reportedly started dating almost immediately afterward, but they appeared together for the first time this week at a Toronto Film Festival party.

In photographs, Keibler, 31, looks almost a head taller than the 50-year-old actor actor, but she is wearing at least 3-inch heels.

Beside being a former WWE wrestler, Keibler also appeared on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” and she’s had several minro roles on television and in feature films.

Keibler landed a recurring role in ABC’s “What About Brian,” in 2007, which has been her biggest role to date.

Elisabetta, who is well known in Italy, will appear on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.”