Madonna arm wrestled with a hydrangea and stomped on it; there’s no disputing that. But ordering a handful of volunteers to face the wall while she passed by? Pure poppycock, her rep asserts.

In her latest bit of craziness, make that alleged craziness, the Material Girl visited the Toronto Film Festival yesterday (Sept. 13) to promote her critically panned film, “W.E.”

That spawned a report in the usually straight-shooting Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper that the Material Girl had instructed orange-shirted volunteers to face the wall in the hallway as she passed to avoid, at all cost, making eye contact with her highness.

Pure balderdash, old chap, declared Madonna’s mouthpiece Liz Rosenberg.

“Reports out of Toronto claim that Madonna’s security people instructed the orange shirted volunteers of the Toronto International Film Festival to turn their backs when the Material Girl left her press conference where she was promoting her film W.E.” she noted in a statment.

“Neither Madonna nor her security ever gave instructions for the volunteers to turn away from Madonna,” said Rosenberg.

“In fact, she was so impressed with the volunteers that she publicly thanked them from the stage for their hard work before the premiere of her film last night which earned a standing ovation.

“She had a wonderful time at the festival and was especially delighted that she got to spend so much time with her fans in front of the theatre which is a famous tradition at the Festival.”

Film festival officials have reportedly confirmed that volunteers were not ordered to turn from Madonna.

“We are still trying to figure out who and why anyone would ask the volunteers to turn away from Madonna. She has never and would never ask anyone to do that ever,” concluded Rosenberg.

Ah ha! The statement doesn’t deny that someone else told them to do it, or that it didn’t happen; just that it wasn’t on her imperial majesty’s orders.

Well now, that’s a horse of a different color, old bean.