Cameron Diaz Strikes Out Again With Alex Rodriguez 1Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz have struck out again. Actually they struck out before, and then they had make up sex, which is always good. But now, it’s over. Really, it’s so over.

The Yankee slugger has been looking for ways to wiggle out of the romance for weeks, according to The New York Post.

Ever since Yankee teammate Derek Jeter broke off his relationship with actress Minka Kelly , Alex was probably feeling a little tied down.

He also may have been a little jealous that Jeter was back playing the field while he was anchored at home.

So he took a swing for the fences and apparently hit Cameron out of the park.

“For weeks he’s been trying to get out of the relationship,” a source told the newspaper’s Page Six column.

“Rodriguez has been telling people it’s over, but she has been in denial about it.”

Diaz and Rodriguez had been together on and off since 2009, and were frequently spotted in New York and Miami, where Rodriquez has just bought a $24 million waterfront mansion.

Diaz also met A-Rod’s children, Natasha, 6, and Ella, 3, from his marriage to ex-wife, Cynthia.

The actress apparently even moved to Miami to be closer to the Yankee star.

But other sources say they were torn apart by scheduling conflicts, and A-Rod felt he needed to concentrate on baseball (not a bad idea) since they Yankees are in a pennant race.

A-Rod was also recently named the most overrated player in baseball by a new Sports Illustrated poll.

Now Cameron joins a long list of has-beens.

Rodriguez had previously dated another blonde actress, Kate Hudson, who seemed head over heels in love with him, until their abrupt split.

Given his reputation, it’s hard to believe Cameron even wasted her time with him.

Plus it all seems so gauche, given that Hudson had already gone through the very same photo ops with him.