Kim and Kourtney Kardashian think the world of themselves, but sometimes the world has different ideas and are mocking them behind their backs. Take the case of two Philadelphia broadcasters.

They showed what they really thought of the reality personalities following a live feed interview with Kim and Kourtney from New York Fashion Week.

The anchors thought they were off camera. They weren’t, and the video has since gone viral on the Internet.

Mike Jerrick of Philadelphia’s Fox 29 morning show, “Good Day,” did a mocking impression of Kim Kardashian live on air after the interview. The whole studio was laughing.

Jerrick made fun of the sisters’ high pitched voices and joked about the clothes they were wearing, which are from Kim’s fashion Sears line, which she is promoting at New York Fashion Week.

“Can they still hear us?” a sniggering Jerrick asked?

Co-host Sheinelle Jones laughing, but embarrassed, tried to give the sisters a boost: “I think they’re stunning,” she said amid the laughter.

Then Jones made fun of ’80s style shoulder pads in Kims designs. She asked for some “cotton balls” so she could puff up her shoulders.

Kim and Kourtney currently star in reality show, “Kim and Kourtney Take New York.”

Does Sears know what it’s gotten itself into? Check out the video below.