Lindsay Lohan, Terry Richardson fashionLindsay Lohan can not– and possibly even may not want to — shake her bad girl image. In either case, she is becoming a tragic figure in Hollywood; her youth and youthful looks are slowing giving way to excess, her behavior increasingly bizarre.

Whether he knows it or not, photographer Terry Richardson may have captured Lindsay in the late stages of what could be Hollywood’s next great tragedy.

She looks drawn and haunting in the photos, sort of like Edie Sedgewick after Andy Warhol had ruined her and dumped her.

Or like Judy Garland after the cigarettes, pills and booze had broken her health and turned her into a caricature of herself.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.

Hollywood is full of tragic figures: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Heath Ledger, who are celebrated more in death than in life.

But at least they left a legacy, even in some cases, if it is brief. Dean starred in only three films before he died in a car crash. But they are monumental.

Ledger’s career was also cut short when he took his own life abusing prescription pills.

Monroe made her mark as the first modern sex siren and starred in several successful films.

Garland’s screen performances are legendary, and her velvet voice never failed her right up until the very end.

Lohan’s film legacy includes, what? “Freaky Friday,” “Mean Girls” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded?”

Can this be all there is to someone who was/is so talented?

She hasn’t had a career since her two driving under the influence (DUI) charges in 2007, and three stints in rehabilitation cost her several movie deals.

She’s now supposedly trying to put that part of her life behind her, but she looks years older than her age from too many cigarettes, booze and late nights.

Maybe she can eke out a living on her bad girl reputation, posing for garish photo shoots. Maybe she can still turn it all around. One big film; one good film; that’s all it would take.

In the Richardson photos, she smiles and gives flirty looks in edgy poses, but her eyes look haunting and frightened; her face hard and hollowed.

She looks like she could be a ghost. Maybe she already is.