Taylor Lautner tested his mechanical bull riding skills against Jimmy Fallon and could only tie the talk show host for endurance. And the “Twilight” hottie wants to be an action hero?

Better call in a stunt double. Although Taylor looked damn hot in his tight black v-neck shirt and black jeans, he was tossed from the bull in 35 seconds — the same time as Fallon.

Lautner, 19, was appearing on Fallon’s talk show to promote his latest movie, “Abduction,” which is about espionage and intrigue.

While no bulls or bull riding appear in the film, Fallon had the bright idea to host a mechanical bull contest.

“We’re goint to have a bull-riding competition,” the host announced. “There’s no reason for it, but we thought it would be a fun thing to try.”

Taylor confessed that he’d never been on a mechanical bull and nervously asked: “Is there a technique to this?”

After Fallon was tossed, Lautner mounted the bull with a ten-gallon size cowboy hat on his head.

He rode the bull as it rotated back and forth, threw off his hat and waved has arm in the air.

But as the bull picked up momentum, he quickly grabbed it with two hands before sliding off and falling on a well-cushioned.

His film opened last weekend with a disappointing showing. It was fourth at the bock office with an $11 million gross.

Disney’s “The Lion King,” re-released in 3D finished first with $22.1 million, while Brad Pitt’s baseball yarn “Moneyball” finished second with $20 million.

“Dolphin Tale” was a close third, so Taylor was facing some tough competition. Better brush up on his rodeo skills.

Check out his ride below: