Alec Baldwin just may have landed a regular guest spot on “Saturday Night” Live after performing a hilarious imitation of Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. Of course, that’s providing Perry stays in the race.

Perry, whose hard right views on Social Security and Medicare triggered a poor showing in a Florida straw poll, makes Sarah Palin look like a liberal.

Calling Tina Fey. Baldwin’s “30 Rock” co-star would be perfect in a skit with Baldwin, reprising her Palin caricature, which she did with devastating effect during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Baldwin made his 16th appearance on SNL, breaking Steve Martin’s record, to host the season premiere of the hit NBC show on Saturday.

Martin made a cameo with Seth Rogen to give Baldwin a drug test to make sure he wasn’t hosting on steroids.

Baldwin appeared as Perry in the cold open, with Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney, Kristen Wiig as Michele Bachmann and Kenan Thompson as Herman Cain, former pizza company Chief Executive, who won the Florida poll.

Cain, who appears to be making all the right moves, said he loved the SNL spoof in an interview with Ann Curry on the Today Show this morning.

“It didn’t offend me at all,” Cain said. “It was basically was a good spoof about, yes, ‘Vote for me and I will deliver.’

“I couldn’t have come up with a better one myself. I’m going to take that and run with it,” he joked.

Hopefully, Rick Perry feels the same way. Check out the video below.