Kim Kardashian has been getting a lot of bikini time celebrating her marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries and she is never one to keep her fans from enjoying those moments. She shares some intimate bikini photos.

Kardashian took a mini-honeymoon to Italy’s Amalfi Coast right after the wedding and after that they spent time together on Kris’ private boat in Minnesota over the Labor Day weekend.

It seems Kim can barely keep her hands off her husband at least when the cameras are around. No doubt the footage will turn up on one of her reality shows. (Ah.. tax deductible vacations.)

Check out Kim’s photos; click to enlarge.

After all, they are all about Kim, and she has always been generous about sharing with her fans.

The photos show Kim in her “Mrs. Humphries” white bikini as they frolic at the five-star Hotel Santa Caterina.

It was one of the few places where the couple could be guaranteed some privacy.

Kim is pictured looking good in various bikinis and a Kris lounges shirtless in his swim trunks.

“Our honeymoon was so perfect! We caught up on alone time,” Kim said.

“They only had eyes for each other…They were in their own little world,” a hotel guest told UsWeekly.

Check out the photos.