Miley Cyrus Ditches LA for Family Time in Nashville (photos) 1Miley Cyrus, with family members and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in tow, jetted out of Los Angeles for the calmer pastures of her hometown, Nashville, Tenn.,  for some likely much needed time out of the spotlight.

Miley dodged a public relations nightmare after tabloid reports that she had made a sex tape proved to be untrue. Still she look grim-faced after upon leaving LA.

Likely Miley was all business and anxious to get through the airport and the usual paparazzi awaiting her, Hemsworth, dad Billy Ray Cyrus, mom Tish Cyrus and little sis, Noah.

It was good to see Miley and the family back together again after a tumultuous year.

Check out Miley’s photos; click to enlarge.

Miley Cyrus Ditches LA for Family Time in Nashville (photos) 2Miley Cyrus dodged a scandal after sex tape rumors proved to be false. Afterward, she blew LA for Nashville with her family for some R&R.(Photo by INFDaily.

Billy Ray separated from Tish in Oct. 2010 after 17 years of marriage over her alleged affair with Poison frontman Brett Michaels. Both denied an affair, and the couple reconciled.

Billy Ray also had some words with Miley after some of her wild antics, and the two were reported to be estranged for several weeks. Miley also sided with her mom in the separation.

Miley and Liam also broke up in August last year after dating on-and-off for about a year. They got back together in March.

Billy Ray also announced that he and Tish were back together that month and said the family was “stronger than we have ever been.”

They certainly looked it.