Melissa McCarthy Lights Up Saturday Night Live (videos) 1Melissa McCarthy took a victory lap on “Saturday Night Live” after winning her first Emmy, and lit up the sketch comedy show in one of its funniest episodes this season. Salad dressing was never so funny.

McCarthy won her first Emmy for a leading role in the CBS hit comedy “Mike and Molly.” The show follows her turn in the equally hilarious “Bridesmaids,” which may be one of the funniest comedies of the year.

Among thhe night’s highlights, McCarthy went crazy in the Hidden Valley Ranch taste test.

McCarthy, playing off her pushy Bridesmaids, character competes, let’s say enthusiastically, for a $50 gift certificate during a taste test for a new line of Hidden Valley Ranch dressings.

She joins Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig, in a a show-opening skit, parodying “The Lawrence Welk Show,”

McCarthy sports muscled arms and buck teeth to Wiig’s tiny hands, big forehead sister Junice.

“The Comments Section” is a take on snarky Internet posters who get off posting nasty comments about celebrities. McCarthy plays a Da Truf, who can’t keep her opinions to herself.

McCarthy delivered in more ways than being funny.

The show, with musical guest Lady Antebellum, pulled 5.2 rating with a 13 share in metered-market households, according to Deadline Hollywood.

That essentially tied Alex Baldwin’s turn as host. His show, SNL’s season premiere, scored a 5.0 rating with a 13 share, up 8 percent over last year.

Check out some of McCarthy’s skits.