Beyonce Bounces Baby in New Countdown Video (watch!) 1Beyoncé set the world on fire with her Glastonbury performance, then lit up the MTV Video awards by revealing her baby on board. Now she’s capped that with remarkable new video for her song “Countdown.”

The former Destiny’s Child singer is clearly hitting a professional and emotional peak.

“You are witnessing my dream! Thank you for having me and my band tonight. I always wanted to be a rock star and tonight we are all rock stars,” she shouted out to the crowd at Glastonbury.

It’s been all up from there.

She was the first female to headline the festival in more than 20 years, but she earned the honor with a knock out performance.

The MTV awards show was a celebratory victory lap. And, the video suggests that motherhood won’t curb her zeal for performing.

The clip opens with a tight shot on her face and another entirely new look, hearkening back to the go-go 1960s.

Then, it flashes to a ’60s Mod backdrop with Bea dressed all in black with white socks.

The image sort of recalled a little bit of Elvis in “Jailhouse Rock.”

Although her baby bump is pronounced, she moves through the video with the same high energy that’s become her tradmark.

And, in one revealing dress her bump is clearly visible and she seems only to happy to show it off.

She also dances just as aggressively. Check out the video below.