Has Demi Moore Ditched Cad Husband Ashton Kutcher? 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Demi Moore’s improbable May-December marriage to Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior, appears headed for divorce, following Kutcher’s humiliating fling with a woman half Demi’s age.

It’s been a tough year for what were thought to be some of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages.

Earlier this year, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage hit the rocks over rumors of her alleged affair with singer Marc Anthony.

Anthony’s own seven-year marriage to Jennifer Lopez crashed and burned, but so far the Smiths still appear to be together.

Moore, 48, and Kutcher, 33, reportedly made a last-ditch attempt to mend their union and even sought counseling at a Kabbalah Center.

But a report this morning in London’s Daily Mail claimed that Moore had consulted a divorce lawyer.

“Miss Moore has been totally humiliated. On Friday, therefore, she consulted a lawyer about getting a divorce,” a source told the tabloid.

“The discussion included her living arrangements and how a divorce would impact her assets. She is worth about £97 million and Kutcher is also worth close to that.

“This is a huge and very tough decision for Miss Moore to take. But her trust has been shattered,” the source said.

Kutcher is alleged to have picked up four women while partying at a club in San Diego.

They went to the actor’s lavish suite at the Hard Rock Hotel for a nude romp in a hot tub.

Kutcher allegedly paired off with 23-year-old Texan Sara Leal for a night of sex.

The romp coincided with Kutcher’s sixth wedding anniversary. Demi was in New York promoting a movie.

“She desperately wanted to save their marriage,” the source added.

“But the Sara Leal story was a hard one for Kutcher to deny because it was backed up by the seedy photos of him partying.”