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Paz de la Huerta Exudes Scintillating Sexuality in Flaunt (see!)

Paz de la Huerta Exudes Scintillating Sexuality in Flaunt (see!) 1Paz de la Huerta may be locked in pregnant purgatory on “Boardwalk Empire,” but she’s exquisite in a new photo spread for Flaunt magazine that takes hotness to a new level.

In real life, Paz has had her own share of ups and downs, including barroom brawls, misdemeanor criminal charges and loopy behavior at a Golden Globes party.

She’s currently filming “Nurse 3-D,” a gory murder flick about a dedicated nurse who takes out her frustrations with gruesome affect on abusive, philandering men.

Check out Paz’s photos; click to enlarge.

“She’s been scarred by many traumatic events in her past and never healed from them,” de la Huerta tells the magazine.

“And so, things make her act out, and she reacts in a gruesome way towards men who are scumbags.”

“I want the audience to have an empathy and sympathy for her. She’s not a bad person; she definitely doesn’t think what she does is bad.”

On the hit HBO show, Paz’s character Lucy Danziger is under the thumb of FBI agent Nelson Van Alden.

She’s forced to turn to prostitution after Nucky threw her over as his mistress at the end of Season One.

Nelson has the misfortune to get her pregnant, so he coops her up in his rooming house and pays her to stay there until she has the baby.

It’s a golden coffin as far as Lucy’s concerned and she passes the time swilling bootleg booze, smoking cigarettes and contemplating suicide, or worse, infanticide.

A deliveryman, bearing a Victrola, a gift from Broadway star Eddie Cantor, catches Lucy just as she’s ready to throw herself down a stairwell.

Lucy has her mind on anything but the thought of bearing a child, and hopes to audition for a musical, A Dangerous Maid, after Eddie shares the script with her.

Both roles are sexually charged, and if anything, Paz oozes sexuality. Just check out her photos.