Kim Kardashian was shooting for an Emmy in Part II of her wedding special. Too bad, they don’t deign to give them for reality television. Otherwise, Kim’s over-the-top melodrama would be up for something.

It’s a wonder how she got married at all, with all the emotion, tears and bitter fights with husband-to-be Kris Humphries leading up to the wedding.

On Part One of “E! special: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding,” sister Khloe Kardashian suspiciously asked what Humphries was hoping to get out of the marriage.

Kim scolded her for daring to question Kris’ motives.

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But after watching him get brow beaten repeatedly by his supposed loving wife, you have to wonder if he was crazy or just scheming when he proposed.

It’s probably a safe bet to say most of the drama was manufactured.

Kim had undoubtedly promised E! a big ratings bonanza with the special and made sure the drama quotient was cranked up to the max.

Kris bravely pushed back, but not too hard. “If we are fighting like this the day of the wedding, she won’t be able to find me,” he said in an aside.

Kim delivered the ultimate insult by telling Kris she wouldn’t take his last name in marriage.

Momager Kris Jenner quickly put the kibosh on that. After all, it might confuse consumers.

“I can’t believe Kim is talking about changing her name to Humphries… she needs to be Kardashain,” she said to the camera.

“You are Incorporated. Kim Kardahsian Inc,” she reminded Kim. “Britney Spears didn’t change her name!”

Right, what’s a Humphries, anyway?

The digs were sharp and cutting.

‘I feel like I am just a roadblock on the road to Kim’s perfect wedding,” Humphries said at one point. “I feel that you should be more down to earth about the wedding process.”

“We come from different worlds, OK?” Kim pointedly reminded him. Ouch!  And this from a woman with a sex tape?

To his credit, Kris, a humble Minnesota boy, needled right back.

“Four years ago you were folding clothes at a boutique in the valley,” he said. “And now you’re Miss Princess.”

Kris got the ultimate one-up while he and Kim were visiting his parents in Minnesota.

“Did you just fart?” Kim asked, after Kris ripped one a big one right in her face.

“You just farted.. Like right in my face.This is torture, your fungus feet and you farting right in my face,” Kim protested.

Ah.. wedded bliss.

Of course, by the big day, everyone was lovey dovey, again.

“I am so ready for this moment,” Kim said. “Kris and I are meant to be here… we are meant to be man and wife.’

Farts and all.