Rihanna gets messy in a hot sexual way in a new photo shoot celebrating her proclamation as sexiest woman alive in Esquire magazine. But she’s all about renewal and rebuilding.

The 23-year-old singer said she is over the terrible night in February 2009, when then-boyfriend Chris Brown beat he savagely and left her unconscious.

She tells the magazine she’s no longer angry and wishes Brown the best in his career. The rapper is serving five years probation after pleading guilty to felony assault for the attack.

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His career was all but ruined in the aftermath, when photos of Rihanna’s beaten and bruised face surfaced on the Internet.

But he has been slowly working his way back, and Rihanna’s encouragement should go a long way toward restoring his career.

“It was way too much anger. I’m really excited to see the breakthrough he’s had in his career,” she said.

Brown’s latest album F.A.M.E (Forgiving All My Enemies) debuted at No 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in March and went gold.

It has two solid hits, “Deuces” and “Look At Me Now.”

Brown also recently collaborated with Joe Jonas, of Jonas Brothers fame, on two songs on Jonas’s new solo album, which debuted today.

His success is a far cry from disaster of his album Graffiti, which followed too soon after his assault conviction and crashed and burned.

“It’s incredible to see how he pulled out the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know?” Rihanna said.

“I really like the music he’s putting out. I’m a fan of his stuff. I’ve always been a fan.” she added.

In contrast, Rihanna’s career has skyrocketed since the assault.

She used the incident to refocus and power her career with platinum albums Rated R and Loud.

“I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have,” she said. That says more about her than him.

The November issue of Esquire hits newsstands Oct. 16.