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Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth have been enjoying some down time in Malibu, but for Miley being idle may become more of the rule rather than the exception. Her career appears to have hit a wall.

Despite announcing plans last year to focus more of her career on films, Miley has no major projects in the works, and her music career, while still strong, appears to be flagging.

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The fourth and final season of her widely popular Disney series, “Hannah Montana,” wrapped in January, officially marking the end of her teen career.

It’s now up or out for the ex-Disney star, and so far, she’s still on the bubble.

Her last big movie, 2010’s “Last Song” and her performance in it were widely panned by critics, although her star-power saved it at the box office. The film did a respectable $88 million worldwide.

Cyrus, who turns 19 next month, filmed two more pictures, “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” and “So Undercover” in 2010, but that marked the end of her major film projects.

This year, Miley focused on her music career. She confirmed in February she had no films in the works, and said she would tour South America and Australia.

She also acknowledged that there didn’t seem to be a market right now for a tour in North America and said she had no plans to tour the United States.

Her Gypsy Heart Tour in Latin America and Down Under wrapped in July and was by all counts a success, solidifying her appeal overseas.

But Miley has been essentially out of work since then, although dad Billy Ray Cyrus said in July she was getting ready to work on a fourth studio album.

Miley has been pretty much out of sight.

She was spotted heading to Nashville with her family in September and was back in Malibu over the weekend, getting some beach time with boyfriend Hemsworth.

The paparazzi seemed to have no trouble finding the couple admid the sand and rocks. They were photographed kissing and cooing, which is giving her some exposure in the tabloids and keeping her profile up.

Miley also has plans to travel to Haiti with the Starkey Foundation to work with children with hearing problems as a result of the devastating earthquake.

Hemsworth, 21, in contrast, will star in the film version of “The Hunger Games,” with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, which is one of the most widely anticipated films of the coming year.

He’ll also appear in “The Expendables 2,” and is in discussions to star in “Arabian Nights,” with a reported $70 million budget.

Miley essentially has been working since she was 12, deserves the downtime and certainly doesn’t need money.

But it’s hard to see where her career will go from here, unless she can develop some major movie cred with “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” and “So Undercover.”

A stumble, and it could be the shopping mall circuit next.