Kristen Stewart Loses Arm to Glamour Photoshopping (photos) 1Kristen Stewart is curiously missing an arm on the cover of the upcoming issue of Glamour magazine, apparently due to some sloppy photoshopping. But she’s far from the worst example.

The heavy-handed digital alternations lend new support to an effort by a U.S. husband and wife to pass a law banning digitally altered photos of celebrities on magazine covers.

While some, especially in the magazine industry, would like to portray Seth and Eva Matlins as hair-brained, a new survey and repeated examples of sloppy photoshopping, the term used when a photo is digitally altered, gives credence to their claims.

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Kristen Stewart Loses Arm to Glamour Photoshopping (photos) 2Adam LevineKristen Stewart Loses Arm to Glamour Photoshopping (photos) 3

The founders of magazine and fashion label “Off Our Chests” want commercials and magazine spreads to be accompanied by disclaimers if models have been significantly airbrushed or photoshopped.

While Twilight star Stewart is the latest example, she is far from the only example. The London Daily Mail has rounded up a number of other examples.

The latest handful of bloopers comes via some of the world’s glossiest and most exclusive magazine titles, and involves top stars, the tabloid notes.

Beyonce appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and her legs appear to have been noticeably slimmed.

Maroon 5 star Adam Levine was photographed with girlfriend, model Anne Vyalitsyna for the Nov. issue of Vogue Russia.

But in one photo of him shirtless, his torso appears grotesquely malformed.

A recent study by the Dove Self-Esteem Fund found that 80 percent of women beleive images of female stars and models in the media made them feel insecure about themselves.

Of girls with low self-esteem, 71 percent felt their appearance “doesn’t measure up, including not feeling pretty enough, thin enough or stylish enough or trendy enough” because of magazine images.

Even the prestigious American Medical Association has weighed in on the issue.

It said in June that the use of photo-editing software can have a negative impact on the self-esteem of children and teenagers.

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