Laura Vandervoort Flashes (Lizard) Skin for PETA (photos) 1Actress Laura Vandervoort flashes skin to ask “Whose skin are you in,” in the latest campaign for animal rights group PETA. Her body is painted to look like a lizard’s, which isn’t a huge departure for her.

Vandervoort, 27, played a lizard in the ABC series “V” but she is probably better known for her role as Supergirl in the television series “Smallville.”

The trust of the latest campaign, one of numerous featuring naked celebrities, is to call attention to the use of reptile skins as fashion accessories.

Laura is a staple on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, and will be appearing in “This Means War” with Reese Witherspoon.

Check out Laura’s photos; click to enlarge.

Laura Vandervoort Flashes (Lizard) Skin for PETA (photos) 2Laura Vandervoort Flashes (Lizard) Skin for PETA (photos) 3Laura Vandervoort Flashes (Lizard) Skin for PETA (photos) 4

She’s also currently filming Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted,” with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

“A lot of people think that reptiles don’t feel, and they do. I think everyone should keep in mind what it is they are buying and if it is really worth it to them,” the Canadian actress says.

She joins the likes of Eva Mendes, Elizabetta Canalis and Alicia Silverstone who have all modeled naked, but artfully covered for the organization.

In her interview, Vandervoort talks about the suffering that reptiles go through when they are slaughtered for their skins.

Lizards are usually clubbed on their heads or have their spines severed with chisels as soon as they reach “marketable” size, according to PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Check out Laura’s photos and her interview below.