Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and crew will soon be back on the big screen in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” and studio Summit Entertainment is revving up Twihards with new photo stills from the movies.

“Twilight” cast members are also spreading far and wide, giving magazine interviews to help promote the movie, as if it’s needed.

The hype has been pretty steady and pretty thick, and the final two “Breaking Dawn” movies are shaping up to be hottest, most action packed yet.

As Taylor Lautner said recently, fans will be surprised how much the characters change through the course of the picture.

Check out the Breaking Dawn photos (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

The seven new photos released by Summit feature Rob, Kristen, Taylor and other Twilight characters from various scenes in the movie.

Certainly, the wedding and the honeymoon will be highlights of the movie.

Kristen Stewart said she cried during the wedding scene because the ceremony felt so real.

“I was nervous for the wedding scene. When I looked at the set, with the pews and the lights, and I could see everyone there in their outfits, I cried. It felt incredibly ceremonial. It felt like a real wedding,” she told the UK edition of GQ magazine.

Cullen clan members Kellan Lutz had a slightly different take on the wedding, however.

Well, it sucked for the girls beacuse it kept raining. I was comfy in a suit, but they were in dresses and looked, well, vampirically pale because it was so cold!” he said recently.

“But it turned out beautifully. Kristen looked so good in that dress, and Rob, of course, was studly. The fans are going to melt and swoon.”

Ashley Greene fielded questions in Allure magazine and quickly put Rob and Kristen’s relationship out of bounds. “If they don’t talk about it, I’m certainly not going to,” she said.

But she provided some interesting insights on Rob and filming the “Twilight” series and what it’s meant to her and her cast mates.

“All of us essentially were unknown. So everyone kind of went through this crazy whirlwind [together],’” she says.

“It was really nice to be able to confide in people who were going through the exact same thing.”

As for Rob, “he’s very endearing, but you’ve seen his interviews. He’s like, ‘Ah, I don’t know… Oh, God,’” Greene says doing her best imitation.

But they hype doesn’t end there.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor are going to be immortalized in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles on Nov. 3.

After that, all three a slated to attend the Twilight Convention in Los Angeles on Nov. 5th,

Then the movie will premiere on Nov. 14 before hitting theaters on Nov. 18.

Check out an extended version of their Entertainment Tonight Interview below, and the best Break Dawn photos above, including seven new releases.