Oprah Winfrey’s television magic has yet to extent to her OWN network. It’s flagging in the ratings even after bringing back loud mouth Rosie O’Donnell and re-launching the channel.

O’Donnell debuted her talk show last week on the channel and Oprah started a new series rehashing her 25 years on air

In an awkward moment, Rosie and Oprah toasted with tequila shots.

Rosie played coy, like she’d never downed shots before, even though she was wet and wild in her early days.

“‘Oh Lord! What the hell? There should be a warning, it’s gonna burn your throat,” she said.

At the same time, Rosie was somewhat shocked to see the former queen of daytime television handle a shot glass with such ease.

“It’s a little like seeing Julie Andrews short heroin,’ Rosie crowed. “I was, ‘Holy crap, what is going on here!'”

Still, it wasn’t enough to spark viewer interest.

O’Donnell’s new show premiered Oct. 10 with 497,000 viewers and ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ attracted a mere 333,000 viewers.

“The Rosie Show” dropping more than 36 percent in its second outing Oct. 17, to 317,000 viewers, while “Oprah’s Lifeclass,” also slumped to just 279,000 viewers.

The network has struggled almost from the beginning.

In March, two months after it went on the air, ratings were trailing even lowly Discovery Health Channel, which it replaced.

The OWN network was averaging about 135,000 viewers daily, and only some 45,000 were in the target demographic: women ages 25 to 54.

Since the “Oprah Winfrey Show” ended, Oprah has personally started overseeing the network, and has been in the office almost every day, according to Discovery.

“She’s screening tape, meeting with producers, and has been completely engaged, and that has made a difference,” spokesman David Leavy told Fox News.

Check out the video below: