Taylor Lautner weighs in on Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the upcoming “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” in a new interview that sheds some light on his character, Jacob Black’s transformation in the film.

“Breaking Dawn” brings momentous change to Jacob’s wolfpack and to the Cullen clan, as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen get married, have a baby and face off against the Volturi.

“Toward the beginning of the movie, he’s still the same Jacob he always has been,” Taylor explains.

“He’s jealous, he’s into Bella, and he’s hot headed.”

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But then things change: “Throughout the movie, he matures a ton,” he adds.

“It was awesome for me as an actor to try and bring alive the old side and now the new mature side of Jacob,” Lautner tells Access Hollywood.

“It’s cool, it’s weird.”

“He starts out as a young teenager, splits from the wolf pack and has to become a man.”

The cast members also spoke in a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” as part of the promotion for the upcoming movie, which hits theaters Nov. 18.

Each has added some nuances to explain how their characters change.

“Bella is absolutely certain that she wants to spend forever with Edward, but there is just something about marriage that she’s apprehensive about,” Kristen explains.

Rob talks about the relationship between Edward and Jacob, and how it can never be totally whole. Neither really want a friendship, he says.

They are eventually forced to live together and eventually bond, because they both want the same thing for Bella.