Robert Pattinson Slips, Calls Kristen Stewart His Girlfriend (video!) 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart… oops make that Ashley Greene… rolled into Sweden on their “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” European promotional tour and Twihards were not disappointed.

Although Rob and Kristen have kept their relationship under tight wraps, it’s obvious to everyone they are dating, and even Rob can’t keep his on-screen and off-screen romance straight.

During an interview in Stockholm, he was asked about a scene where Bella Swan is pregnant, which he calls the “dad-to-be” scene for his character, Edward Cullen.

That’s when he suffered a little Freudian slip.

“The story is no one really knows what she’s pregnant with… I mean it would be a very strange way to react in reality,” he said laughing.

“I mean if your girlfriend gets pregnant, and you’re like ‘What is that?'” he says, now laughing hysterically.

But Ashley quickly corrects him: “No, you’re wife,” she says.

Rob continues laughing, “It’s like refusing to accept it,” he says.

Then, it suddenly dawns on him that he referred to Kristen as his girlfriend, instead of Bella as Edward’s wife.

“My wife!?” he says with astonishment. “Yeah, sorry,” he adds, turning to Ashley with a sheepish laugh.

“You said ‘Your girlfriend,'” Ashley giggled.

Actually having the baby was one of the most fun parts of the movie, Rob explained. They shot the scene with a real, three-week-old baby.

Won’t she have a story to tell, one day.

Check out the interview below. Rob’s gaff comes right at the top of the clip.