Kate Gosselin's Ready for Her Second Act: Pity Her Kids! 1

Photo: INFDaily

Kate Gosselin may be washed up in reality television, but she’s not out of show business just yet. She has a master plan to become a super momager of her kids, just like Kris Jenner and Dina Lohan.

The eight Gosselin kids were always the stars of her reality show “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” later shortened to just “Kate Plus Eight,” anyway.

Let’s face it, between the brutal divorce from Jon Gosselin and the kids getting older, a reality show about her and the kids just didn’t work anymore.

No wonder TLC pulled the plug. The show was canceled in August due to low ratings and high costs.

But how about the kids on their own, singing, dancing and acting and maybe even doing their own reality show without Kate?

That seems to be the 36-year-old’s grand plan, according to the National Enquirer.

Gosselin wants to enroll her eight kids in singing and acting class­es and then toss them into the Hollywood meat grinder to try to make it in show business, sort of like the old Vaudeville act, Eddie Foy and the Seven little Foys.

“Kate’s ultimate goal is to get her kids into the entertain­ment business and manage their careers,” an insider told The tabloid magazine.

“She’s looking into acting, singing and dancing classes near the family’s home in Pennsylvania. She wants to get the kids started in commercials by next year.”

Kate definitely has what it takes to be a show business manager. She’s determined, forceful and full of her self.

But pity twins Mady and Cara, 11, and 7-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel.

Some are having emotional problems now; god forbid they turn into a bunch of Lindsay Lohans.

Dina has made a fine mess of Lindsay’s life, but Kris Jenner has ably guided her off-spring to celebrity fame and riches with a lot less talent to work with.

Only one small problem. Kate reportedly has to get Jon, who generally opposes putting the kids on TV, to sign off on the plan, according to the tabloid.

“Kate has slowly been talking him into it by promising to keep the spotlight off the kids’ personal lives,” the source said.

“If she gets her way (and she always does), the whole family will be Hollywood bound by next year.”

Get ready for the Gosselin Bunch.