Johnny Depp epitomizes hip detachment in Hollywood, but he’s got a real connection to teen sensation Justin Bieber. Depp’s daughter, Lilly Rose, is a big fan, and, therefore, so is daddy.

Depp stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman, and somehow the conversation drifted to the 17-year-old singing phenom.

Oh yeah, Dave opened the can of worms by asking quizzically whether Johnny’s daughter liked Justin.

Depp could have gone anywhere with the conversation and a put-down seemed to be in the offing. Depp is not big on commercialization and Justin has been criticized by some for his lightness of being.

In fact, comedian Russell Brand even suggested that Justin shoot up some heroin so he could make serious music.

But not Johnny; too cool, too obvious. “Oh yes she does,” he replied. “But I’m not sure anyone’s daughter doesn’t.”

Double negatives, aside, Depp was clearly giving Justin a high five.

“I mean, you’re in show business, he’s in show business, have you all gotten together?” Dave asked more puzzled than ever.

“There is that weird connection,” Depp deadpanned.

But turns out they had!

“I’ve met the young man, and a very sweet kid,” he added.

Needless to say, Depp scored some tickets to one of his shows and took his daughter, who he said, trembled in awe of the young phenom.

Dave even quizzed Johnny on the word “Beliber,” a term to denote hard-core fans. And, he knew what it meant!

Justin apparently saw the interview and returned the love on Twitter.

“Im a big fan of Johnny Depp. the guy can SUMMON me. haha,” he wrote.

Check out the interview below: