Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the dreaded Volturi figure in new television promo videos for Breaking Dawn, Part 1.” They take fans one step closer to the movie’s highly anticipated debut.

With the countdown to the movie’s Nov. 18 release to theaters counting down, Summit Entertainment has turned to a wave of new television spots to heighten interest in the movies.

Check out the Breaking Dawn photos; click to enlarge.

While some of the scenes in the spots are familiar, they also reveal new slices of the picture that focuses on the dramatic union of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and the consequences that follow.

Jacob’s uneasy alliance with the Cullen clan continues as Bella’s life is threatened by the imminent birth of her daughter.

But shapeshifter Sam, he warns, has declared war on the vampires, the wolf pack’s sworn enemies.

Kristen also bids a touching good-bye to her still clueless father Charlie Swan (Billy Burke).

Her marriage to Edward means she is unlikely to ever see her family again. The promo also includes video from the wedding.

The promo shot shows Edward and Bella leaving for their honeymoon and Bella on the beach, wrapped only i a towel as Edward waits for her in the water.

Another spots shows Edward and Bella on their honeymoon, and Edward vowing to defend his family as he gently places a hand on Bella’s swelling baby bump.

Another shows the dreaded Volturi clan head Aro (Michael Sheen) lusting after Bella’s baby.

In a separate interview with Mexican magazine Cinemedia, Rob talks about the difficulty of playing Edward in the latest films.

In a way it’s been harder because of the nature of the character, who is a vampire. That limits what you can do. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat, everyday is long,” he explains.

“You live 100 years and you can’t relate to people, you can’t have an impulse or desire. The danger is to keep repeating yourself after awhile after playing the same character for 5 movies.

“You have to come up with new things to add. The great thing is that [“Breaking Dawn” Director] Bill Condon, everytime I was doing a scene and he felt like I was doing the same thing again, he would suggest me to change it and try something else.

“It wasn’t scary even if we had to do something that was not in the book,” he added.

Check out the new promos below; The film hits theaters Nov. 18.