Taylor Swift Nude Photo: It Barely Looks Like Her! 1Country Sweetheart Taylor Swift is supposedly the latest to fall victim to a leaked photo in the Internet showing her topless. But outside of the curly hair, the person in the photo clearly appears to be someone else.

The woman is laying on her side on a bed wearing only turquoise panties with a strawberry print. Her hair is golden and curly, but the resemblance essentially ends there.

Numerous celebrities have been victims of nude photo hoaxes. Miley Cyrus was the victim of just such a scam as well as Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

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In both cases, the photos proved to be demonstratively false.

In other cases, however, nude private photos of celebrities posted on the Internet turned out to be authentic.

Actress Scarlett Johansson was the latest to see her self-taken nude photos pop up on the Internet, along with Blake Lively and numerous other stars.

A hacker was recently arrested and admitted breaking into more than 50 celebrity email and phone accounts and discovering nude photos. He posted several online, including Johansson’s.

Swift, 21, reportedly has unleashed her legal dogs in an effort to force the blog to remove the photo, claiming it is not Swift.

The letter states that “false pornographic images” were spreading “false news” about the singer, who is known for her straight-laced behavior.

The headline on the blog item is posed in question form: “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” it reads.

But in the text that accompanies the photo, the writer adds: “After careful examination of this photo, I believe that this is in fact Taylor Swift.”

But a side-by-side comparison of Swift’s face with the face of the woman in the photo shows distinct differences.

For one, Taylor has a narrower face, a sharper jaw line and a pronounced over bite compared with the woman in the photo.

But the article suggests “the wood paneling [in the photo] suggest (sic) that she is in some sort of top of the line trailer (possibly a double-wide) which only a hoity-toity country star like Taylor Swift would splurge on.”

It also notes that “the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and Taylor Swift has been known to eat strawberries.” (WTF?)

Swift’s lawyers have asked the site to remove the photo. But so far it remains posted.