Kim Kardashian 'Showmance' Rattles Family Empire (video) 1Kim Kardashian went down under to try to get out from under the controversy surrounding her decision to divorce NBA star Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage, but may have ended up doing more harm than good.

Instead of providing an explanation her fans could sympathize with, she came off as indifferent and calculating, more bent on fulfilling contractual obligations than marital obligations.

Kim’s ability to turn around the fiasco of her ill-fated marriage got an early test run on Australian television, during an interview with David Koch and Melissa Doyle, who host a popular morning show called “Sunrise.”

In one shocking revelation, Kim said that she didn’t even bother with counseling to try to save the marraige. Instead, she said she relied on her own “intuition.”

You should never fault women’s intuition right?

“I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just to listen to your intuition and follow your heart, there’s no right or wrong thing to do,” she said.

The Kardashians clearly have yet to formulate a media strategy to deal with the crisis. Kim seemed to be thrown for a loop when asked about counseling.

“I’m not ready to get into it,” she snapped, refusing to answer the question.

Kim didn’t help herself when she quickly shifted gears on the Australian TV show to gleefully promote her new fashion line. It was a contractual obligation, for sure, but it raised questions about the true depth of her emotions.

On the other hand, the family may be looking for angles to monetize the marital blow up, much like they capitalized on the wedding to generated millions of dollars.

The controversy could produce a number of paid “exclusive” interviews, reality show fodder and even books and DVDs. But at the moment Kim appears to be riding a tiger.

If she falls off she could be another Kate Gosselin, who was consumed by her own greed and ambition, and ultimately the media machine that created her.

Already, reports claim that executives at E! Entertainment are in a quandary about how to play her reality series, which involves substantial footage of Kim and Kris together.

They are also in a panic about what to do with the wedding special, which they have been milking for ratings with repeated re-runs. Doesn’t look much like a fairy tale now.

Many of the brands, such as Vera Wang, that paid to have their products promoted during the wedding are also reportedly sweating the fallout, fearing no one will go near their products now.

Oddly, spurned husband Kris could make or break Kim, much like Jon Gosselin ultimately painted Kate as a cruel, manipulating, self-absorbed bitch.

The Kardashians already seem to be building a defense should Kris go rogue.

The first signs were the opposing views on Kris’s family. The basketball player said they loved Kim. The Kardashians claimed they hated her and thought she was weird.

Kris’s strongly professed desire to continue in the marriage is also hurting Kim. He looks far more sympathetic.

Hence, dark hints from Kim that something more was amiss in the relationship, which she isn’t ready to talk about yet.

Already skeptics have charged that she is just priming the pump for more reality show episodes.

Kim was in a disastrous marriage once before, at 19, to music producer Damon Thomas. She stuck that out for four years, but claimed she suffered from physical and emotional abuse when she filed for divorce.

Will she play that card again, against Kris?

The Kardashians certainly have plenty of resources to draw on, and they are hitting the talk shows to put their spin on the controversy. But they are on the defensive and still in retreat.

Check out the video below. For more photos go to INFDAily.

Footnote: Momager Kris Jenner is turning out to be a loose cannon. She’s doing more harm than good with her assertions that the wedding did not make money, and by claiming she was in on Kim’s decision to divorce.