Jersey Shore's Snooki Reveals Her True Self in GQ Magazine 1Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wants to let you know she’s no Holland Tunnel, open to hooking up with any Guido with the right toll. That’s the “Jersey Shore” Snooki. The real Snooki is altogether different, totally, really, almost.

Indeed, Polizzi is portrayed on the stupidly popular MTV reality series as a fun-loving, 24/7 party animal who falls down drunk and ends up on her back more often than not.

But in a new interview in GQ magazine, she says the real Snooki is far different.

“You don’t completely know Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Not her guilty pleasures. Not her major in college—yes, she went to college. And not who she voted for in the 2008 election,” the magazine notes.

The problem is simple, no one asks or apparently cares.

Snooki made clear right off the bat that she may have a New York Times bestseller, but reading isn’t her thing.

“I don’t read. I don’t like to read Harry Potter or anything like that. It’s not my style,” she said.

Of course, other than that, she really is different.

The reality show just ended its fourth season, but Snooki is already mapping out her post “Jersey Shore” career.

For one, she has a new novel on the way, called aptly enough “Gorilla Beach.” Not bad for someone who doesn’t read.

She’s working on a budding film career. She has cameos in two pictures out next year, and “would love” to star on a sit-com.

She also is trying to put a clothing line together.

And are you ready for this? She’s not even Italian!

As for Jersey Shore, she thinks MTV has its production values all screwed up.

“I wouldn’t show as much drinking and partying. I would show more of us chilling out and having a good time—which they don’t show.

“We don’t even drink those nights, but we laugh all night. They don’t show anything but us drinking and hooking up.

“They think that if they don’t show us drinking and hooking up then it wouldn’t stay successful, but I think that if they showed the sober side of us people would like it even more and it’d even change people’s minds about us.

Snooki has no illusions about how the public views them. “They just think that we’re stupid, that we have no education, and all we do is drink, have sex.”

About that college education? “Veterinarian tech,” says Snooki.

“Test me and bring me to a hospital. I can induce an animal, do surgery, do anesthesia, and take blood. So if you want to tell me I’m stupid again, let’s go to an animal hospital.”

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