Kim Kardashian made a mad dash to Minnisota to meet with estranged husband Kris Humphries and the pastor who married them in a desperate bid to stem overwhelmingly negative publicity from her decision to end the marriage after just 72 days.

In an apparent show that the move was just more fodder for her reality television series, Kim left the cameras behind.

None of her time spent with Humphries was filmed and she traveled alone to see him, without her usual entourage of at least sister Khloe or Kourtney in tow, and/or momager Kris Jenner.

Reports seemed to be split on the purpose of the meeting. Some claimed the couple met merely to seek closure on the marriage, suggesting the divorce was still on. Others suggested a reconciliation was still possible.

One thing was certain, however, Kim was out to perform as much damage control as possible after her disastrous trip to Australia.

Kim’s ability to turn around the marriage fiasco got an early test run on Australian television, during an interview with David Koch and Melissa Doyle, who host a popular morning show called “Sunrise.”

But instead of providing an explanation her fans could sympathize with, she came off as indifferent and calculating, more bent on fulfilling contractual obligations than marital obligations.

In one shocking revelation, Kim said that she didn’t even bother with counseling to try to save the marraige. Instead, she said she relied on her own “intuition.”

Following the uproar, Kim suddenly canceled all other planned events down under and flew back to L.A.

From there, she made the dash to Minnesota under the cover of darkness to meet with wedding Pastor Joel Johnson and Humphries.

She’s also reportedly told E! that she doesn’t want her divorce drama played out on her reality show.

Kardashian has been widely criticized for staging her massive wedding, for which she was reportedly grossed $18 million from sponsors, the sale of wedding photos and for a two-part E! Entertainment special.

Kim hasn’t been helped by momager Kris, who has been a loose cannon while out promoting her new book, released amid the divorce media frenzy.

She’s claimed in interviews that Kim made no money from the wedding, and later asserted that Kim planned to keep her $2.1 million engagement ring.

“It’s a gift, you keep a gift,” Jenner told “Good Morning America,” brushing off Kris’ hope of getting back the 20.5 carat diamond ring.

That not only made Kim look greedy, but insensitive. It also suggests that she has a long way to go to repair her public image.