Kristen Stewart Sexy Gothic in Vogue Italy (photos) 1Twilight’s Kristen Stewart is ready to take a break after filming the last two “Twilight” films, a handful of indie flicks and her latest “Snow White and the Huntsman.” It’s time to recharge her batteries, she says in a new interview.

Kristen has been tied up shooting a dramatically new take on the classic fairy tale, and traveling in between to promote “Breaking Dawn, Part ” with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

“I have been around the world for work, often without realizing where I was. I like traveling but now I need to recharge my batteries,” she tells Vogue’s Italian edition in a new interview.

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She says she has no definite films in the pipeline, although plenty of proposals. “I will take this occasion to go back home to my family to enjoy some time off. This is at the moment my ideal vacation,” she adds.

And how’s this for a vacation? If she could travel through time she would go back to 1948 or 1950 to listen to jazz, blues and the bebop of the beat generation.

Kristen shows off yet another side of her sultry sexuality in series of goth-inspired fashion with famed Italian photographer Michelangelo de Battista behind the lens.

She wears Francesco Sco­gnamiglio, Giles, Aquilano.Rimondi and Palace Co­stume jewelry.

She’s also photographed in Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli and Blumarine, with Diego Dolcini shoes.

Her hair is raven black (not her natural color, she reveals) and much longer thanks to extensions.

“Since I started acting I have never had by natural color, which is light brown. But it’s fine, it’s funny seeing yourself look different,” she says.

Although she is known for her tomboyish demeanor, she says she is in touch with her feminine side.

“I would like to wear very feminine clothes,” she reveals. “But in my daily life, when I’m home in Los Angeles, I opt for comfy clothes.

“When I’m away, like in this case, I throw in my suitcase clothes of all kinds, also evening dresses, because I may have the chance to wear them,” she says.

Kristen raised eyebrows on the set of Snow White when she appeared drenched in water in a fetching dress pulled down around her shoulders.

“Oh yeah, that’s when I finally escape from the evil queen. I love that dress, it’s stunning! Wearing it helped me get into the part,” she says.

“Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” will open Nov 18. “Snow White and the Huntsman” opens next year.