Justin Bieber is trying to get out ahead of his baby daddy scandal by vowing to voluntarily take a paternity test. But the stakes are too high at this point for accuser Mariah Yeater’s attorneys to let that happen.

Based on the latest developments in the scandal, a major court showdown seems unavoidable, as both sides continue to maneuver to sway public opinion.

Yeater’s attorney Jeffery Leving has already signaled his suspicion about Bieber’s plan to unilaterally take a paternity test.

Check out Mariah’s photos; click to enlarge.

He told Dr. Drew Pinsky that he wanted a “carefully supervised” DNA test to establish paternity.

Leving, appearing on Pinsky’s show “Lifechangers,” added that they tried to keep the matter private and out of court, but never received a response from Bieber’s lawyers, forcing them to go public with a lawsuit.

His suspicions are well founded. There are plenty of Hollywood doctors who will do almost anything to curry favor with celebrity patients.

A example of that is the ability of any celebrity to get almost unlimited quantities of prescription drugs from doctors with sometimes catastrophic results.

In another celebrity medical controversy, actor Jeremy Piven was able to find a doctor to certify that he was suffering from mercury poisoning to get out of a Broadway contract.

It would have been extremely difficult to build up mercury levels to the level that Piven claimed by just eating sushi, even everyday, according to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Yet it was difficult for the show’s producers to argue against a doctor’s “certification” without an independent medical exam.

Likewise, a security guard’s claim that Bieber was never out of his sight on the night the alleged sexual liaison took place in Oct. 2010 is equally suspect.

Security guards are notorious for covering up for celebrities.

Of course, Bieber has strongly denied even knowing Yeater, much less having sex with her, while Yeater insists that they had sex in a backstage bathroom . So for the moment, it’s his word against hers.

Yeater hasn’t helped her case by giving an interview to “The Insider” television show.

Although she seemed sincere initially, she lost her composure when confronted with questions about Bieber’s statements and about the night of the alleged incident.

That raises questions about her credibility and the competence of her lawyers for allowing her to appear in a nationally televised interview where she appeared hesitant, unsure and ultimately broke down.

Bieber hasn’t helped his case by taunting and taking pot shots at Yeater as he promotes his first Christmas album.

“so this past week and even today every rumor and lie about me possible has been coming out in the press. Just need to ignore it..but…,” he Tweeted yesterday.

“even through all the crap and lies…my fans have been there for me…and i just got word..It is OFFICIAL!! that….

“… #UnderTheMistletoe is the #1 Album on the BILLBOARD 200 this week!!! WE ARE THE #1 ALBUM!! so to the people making up this BS…” he added.

Yeater lawyer Leving likened it to bullying, but short of that, it’s clearly overkill.

At this stage of the scandal, however, Bieber’s strong public denials have put his credibility and his career on the line. If he’s proved the father, the fallout would be devastating.

In one possible scenario, the singer would be cleared by his own private paternity test and then fight any effort in court to take an independently supervised test, leading to a long, drawn out legal stalemate.

The hope would be that public interest wanes to the point that the matter can be quietly settled, or the court could simply accept Bieber’s test and blow off Yeater.

“Justice is not a luxury for the rich,” said Leving, vowing to fight.

But with near unlimited resources and an army of sycophants at his disposal, Bieber clearly has the upper hand against a single mother from San Diego.

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