Kim Kardashian Faces New Damning Fake Wedding Charges 1

(Photo:INF Daily)

Kim Kardashian has been confronted with more damning allegations that her wedding to Kris Humphries was all part of a money-making scheme. Her former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, says it was a sham.

Jaxson worked closely with the reality star between 2007 and 2009 and knows the inner workings of the Kardashian clan.

He told New York’s “Elvis Duran in the Morning Show,” that Kim “knew weeks before getting married she didn’t want to do it.”

Jaxson also shot down momager Kris Jenner’s claim that her daughter didn’t make any money from the wedding. The rumored amount is near $18 million.

“They had a lot of contracts, they had endorsements. To say they weren’t paid is a lot of foolish garbage,” he said.

Kim has sharply disputed reports that her marriage to Humphries, an NBA basketball star, was fake, calling the claims “ridiculous.”

But this is the first time that someone who knows her and used to work in her inner circle has stepped forward.

Part of his job, Jaxson claimed, was to help Kim stage publicity stunts.

“I staged several of the moments that the world has seen of her, such as a ring that we alleged was from Reggie Bush.”

The breakup of Kim’s marriage after just 72 days has thrown the Kardashian empire into a tailspin and turned Kim into a pariah.

Mom Jenner reported flew to Atlanta to visit her daughter to discuss how to contain the latest blow up. Kim’s there filming a cameo role in the Tyler Perry movie, “The Marriage Counsellor.”

According to Jaxson, Kim has “never gotten over her ex Bush, who made a last-minute appeal, begging Kim not to go through with the wedding.

Kim, 31, and the 26-year-old NFL star dated for almost two years before splitting in July 2009. They had a brief reconciliation but ended the relationship last year in March.

Jaxson added that there is no doubt Kim and Kris, 26, made a pact during their time together.

While Kim had reservations about the wedding, she was likely pressured to go forward because of the lucrative endorsement deals, he said.

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