Oh Pippa! Future Queen's Sister Back on Market After Split 1Pippa Middleton, the jet-setting sister of the future Queen of England, is back on the market, amid reports that she has broken up with long-time boyfriend Alex Loudon, apparently after repeated arguing.

Pippa, 27, shot to international attention during the royal wedding of her sister Catherine Middleton to Prince William, the future King of England. She served as maid of honor.

Loudon, 31, a former cricket standout, has dated Pippa, off and on, for three years.

During one of their breaks, Pippa was alos spotted with former boyfriend and close friend, George Percy, before reconciling with Loudon.

Only weeks ago Loudon was reportedly shopping for an engagement ring.

“She and Alex split briefly in the summer — but this time it’s over. They are barely speaking.” a source to London tabloid The Sun.

Pippa is said to have fled last weekend to Balmoral, the royal palace in Scotland, to spend time with William and Kate.

Leading up to the latest break, Pippa and Loudon were seen arguing at an acquaintance’s wedding.

“It was said after the wedding that Alex was jealous of Pippa flirting with Prince Harry. But the truth is she and Harry are just mates,” another anonymous source claimed.

Following the royal wedding, Pippa became an international pop culture figure because of her beauty.

She was dubbed “Her Royal Hotness,” by London tabloid The Daily Mail, although she is not royalty.

She becomes, however, one of the most eligible women in the world.

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