Robert Pattinson, who has been hitting the talk show circuit in New York to promote “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” appeared on the Today Show, and said he’s getting emotional over the movie, especially the wedding scene.

Host Ann Curry wanted to know right off the bat what Rob felt like during the wedding scene when he saw off-screen girlfriend Kristen Stewart walking down the aisle.

“You suddenly realize that the role of a groom in a wedding is that of a prop,’ he said laughing. “I was watching Kristen have to take all the nerves and have to deal with all the heavy lifting in the scene, basically.”

Check out the Breaking Dawn photos; click to enlarge.

He revealed that only he saw the wedding dress before the scene was filmed. Secrecy was so tight that no one else had a chance to see it until cameras were rolling.

“So when she’s walking down the aisle and everyone turns around, it’s genuine, their curiosity, because there was so much secrecy about it. I don’t know why, it’s a white dress,” he said laughing again.

Rob says Kristen looks “absolutely amazing” in the Caroline Herrera dress.

Anne was also curious about how Rob felt about shooting the honeymoon love scene with so many people standing around and the cameras rolling.

“It’s not so much doing the love scene that’s the nerve-wracking part, because I’ve done a bunch of them before.

Instead, Rob said he was more concerned about how he looked, especially in comparison to co-star Taylor Lautner, who has a “six-pack.”

“Pure vanity, I mean literally,” Rob said when asked if he was worried about being compared to Taylor. “You’re thinking about sexual position that don’t involve showing your belly.”

Throngs of fans were outside the NBC studios and could hear the interview. They cheered wildly when Rob started talking about the bedroom scenes.

Check out the full interview below:

Here’s more on the wedding scene from Access Hollywood

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