Katy Perry Ages to Tell Ageless Story in New Video (watch!) 1Katy Perry may be hoping to cross over into country music with a new video for her song “The One That Got Away. Although it’s still pop, the ballad pays homage to Johnny Cash in a weepy country-inflected tale about love lost.

Katy, 27, makes an amazing transformation, playing herself at her current age and what she might look like in her late 60s.

“This song shows a very different side of me that I haven’t shown with my past singles on this record,’ she said recently. “I think that everyone can relate to this song.”

“It’s a bittersweet story; hopefully the listener learns from hearing it and never has to say they had ‘The One’ get away,” she added.

The video is a dramatic departure from her last couple of clips, where she’s gone from a bubbly, candy-colored California gurl to an alien space oddity.

The video, however, does have its odd incongruities. For example, she goes from this downtown hipster look at an early age to Beverly Hills matron as an older woman.

She’s seen with a grey bouffant hairdo, neutral-colored clothes, living in a contemporary pastel mansion.

She’s forever regretting the loss of a young boyfriend, played by Mexican actor Diego Luna, who dies in a car accident after a fight.

The video opens with Perry as an older woman returning home to a sleek contemporary house to be greeted by a seemingly indifferent husband.

It shows her drinking a cup of coffee as her thoughts focus on her lover, a fiery artist, whom she meets the “summer after high school.”

The video then cuts to Perry and Luna. She has dark hair sitting on a bed wearing just a shirt and black bra in what looks like a trendy loft.

During the midst of a fight, Katy throws red paint on her boyfriend’s drawing. He storms out with his guitar, jumps in his Mustang and drives off to meet his fate.

Years later, she returns to the scene of the accident and looks wistfully over the cliff where he plunged to his death, while Johnny Cash’s “You Are My Sunshine” plays in the background.

She first premiered the video last week on Ellen and it already has more than one million hits on YouTube. Check it out below.