Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Lawyer Up for Divorce 1Kim Kardashian’s latest production, her divorce from Kris Humphries, will be a big money-maker for their lawyers, if not for the Kardashian reality empire, although the latter remains to be seen.

Kim is said to have an air-tight prenuptial agreement that protects her assets, and Kris reportedly wants a low-key quickie settlement.

But these things have a way of spiraling out of control, driving up legal fees in the process.

A key issue is how much, if any, of the divorce drama will be used as fodder for future Kardashian reality television episodes, and, of course, how the revenue derived from them will be divided.

The two reportedly fought bitterly over the spoils from their multi-million dollar wedding.

Kris would obviously be one of the “actors” and the use of his name would be almost unavoidable.

How he’s portrayed would also be at the mercy of the Kardashians, and also could be subject of negotiation in any divorce deal.

Although Kim has reportedly said she doesn’t want cameras present for any part of the divorce, her network, E! Entertainment, has already run a promo teasing a fight scene between Kim and Kris.

Given the high degree of interest in the divorce, and the Kardashian’s penchant for monetizing every facet of their lives, it seems inconceivable that Kim will get her wish to keep the divorce out of bounds.

The Kardashian conglomerate must be feeling some financial strain, both from the divorce fallout and the loss of lucrative fees from Kim’s canceled appearances.

As such, it seems inconceivable that momager Kris Jenner will turn her back on a story line that promises huge ratings, and a whole new line of business for the family.

Divorce is a huge industry in the United States, and it’s been virtually untapped by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

The Kardashians are now in a position to milk it for millions of dollars, just like they do from their diet and weight loss endeavors.

From paid magazine interviews, self-help books, speaking engagements, appearance fees, endorsements and yes, more reality television, the potential is huge.

Kim’s personal story alone is probably worth millions of dollars.

As for Kris, he’s hired Minnesota attorney Lee Hutton, who is well known for representing many pro athletes, although he doesn’t usually handle divorces.

What he’s good at, though, is negotiating contracts. Lee repped Kris for the prenup, and, well, pro sports careers don’t last forever.

The divorce could be final in as little as six months from the October 31st date that Kim filed, since that’s the minimum time required by law, according to gossip site TMZ.

Previous reports claimed that Humphries planned to hold out on signing divorce papers to try and save the marriage. That’s apparently off the table now.

“He doesn’t want a war. He’s lying low,” a source told E! News.

Indeed, Kris probably just wants a payday, just like the Kardashians.