Lady Gaga Fans Monstrous to Adele Over Record Rivalry 1Lady Gaga’s army of fans, known as her little monsters, have been acting monstrously toward UK singer Adele, because the two performers are neck-and-neck for awards and honors as top-selling female artist.

Gaga has more than 15 million Twitter followers, compared with 2.1 million for Adele, so only a small minority of her fans are engaging in rude behavior.

Still, Gaga is outspoken in her opposition to bullying, yet so far, she hasn’t personally disapproved of the nasty comments that are being made in her name.

One Gaga Twitter fan wrote: “Confirmed: Gaga will not be wearing her meat dress because she is afraid Adele will eat it,” according to London’s Daily Mail.

Beside sour Tweets, Gaga fans have also posted videos on YouTube mocking the UK singer.

In one video, a singer mimicked Adele with the lyrics: “I’m bootyful in my own way because Arby’s makes nooo mistakes, I’ve got the right order, baby, I was born this weight.”

The fans have even made fun of Adele because she was forced to cancel concerts after a benign polyp was discovered on her vocal chords, which required surgery.

They claimed she canceled because she couldn’t sell enough tickets, even though her shows always sell-out.

Fans have been going at it at least since July, when nominations were announced for the MTV Music Video Awards.

The American Music Awards, which will air Nov. 20, are also proving to be a source of friction.

Adele and Gaga are vying with each other among female singers for most of the major awards.

The two singers are also neck-and-neck for honors as the top-selling female artist. But Adele appears to be taking the lead.

Her latest album, 21 has spent more than 37 weeks in the top five on the pop charts and has sold 10 million copies worldwide.

In contrast, Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way has slipped out of the Top 40 after 24 weeks. As of October, just over 8 million copies have sold globally.

While Gaga has yet to reprimand her little monsters, a rep at her record label spoke on her behalf.

“Lady Gaga does not approve of bullying anyone for their physical appearance, it goes against everything she stands for. A tiny handful of fans may be letting her down,” the rep said.

The rep’s comments may be better than nothing, but it would be a lot more meaningful if Lady Gaga would say something herself.