Justin Bieber Baby Drama Over? Yeater Drops Paternity Suit 1Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama appears to have blinked. Mariah Yeater has apparently withdrawn her paternity suit against the teen sensation. More significantly, her lawyers have quit the case.

The moves, reported by gossip Web site TMZ, cast serious doubt that Yeater’s claims of a backstage tryst are true. But it doesn’t foreclose the possibility of a quiet settlement that protects Bieber’s reputation.

The withdrawal of her attorneys, however, seems to suggest that Yeater made the whole thing up. Lawyers Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, resigned from the case without comment, according to TMZ.

The 20-year-old San Diego woman, who gave birth to son Tristyn four months ago, made the sensational allegation in a law suit filed two weeks ago, and included a sworn affidavit to back up her claim.

If she made up the claim, she should face charges for making false statements to the court. Her lawyers should also face disciplinary action for failing to properly investigate the case before bringing an action.

Bieber essentially called Yeater’s hand, not only by denying the charges–he said he never even met her–but also by volunteering to take a paternity test.

That was supposed to happen upon his return from Europe. Bieber is in Germany where he was scheduled to appear on the country’s version of “X Factor.”

If Bieber was aware the suit had been dropped he wasn’t showing it on his last night in London. He was surly and rude to photographers and fans as he left a London restaurant.

He gave photographers the finger with both hands and pulled his coat collar up around has face as he brushed by fans.

Yeater claimed the assignation occurred during a concert at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Oct. 25 last year.

During an interview with celebrity television show “The Insider,” Yeater reasserted her claims, but appeared unsettled and broke down crying when she was asked for more details about the incident.

She also lost her composure when she was told that several people with Bieber the night of the concert denied she was there.

Her only reply was “no comment.”

She insisted she had evidence that she would show in court to prove her allegations true.

Yeater’s character was also called into question when it was reveal that she was facing charges for slapping her ex-boyfriend, whom she also accused of fathering the baby.

“I know that I’m going to be a target but I’m never going to be a victim,” Beiber said about the allegations.

What’s strikingly odd about the case is that the lawsuit was withdrawn last week without fanfare or a public announcement.

The lawyers would have had a duty to inform Bieber’s lawyers that they were withdrawing the suit.

So why no public announcement?

That one unanswered question leaves open the door that the case was resolved quietly–and in Yeater’s favor.

Bieber should take the paternity test anyway to slam the door on the matter once and for all. Otherwise, there will always be a cloud over him.