Lady Gaga's Disturbing New Marry the Night Teaser (watch!) 1Lady Gaga is sure to draw the wrath of mental health advocates with a new teaser to her “Marry the Night” video that shows her seemingly comatose on a gurney in a psychiatric ward. Lobotomy anyone?

The teaser for the fifth single from her Born This Way album evokes images of electroshock therapy, lobotomies and other horrid psychiatric practices that ended decades ago.

The clip, a snippet from the 8-minute video, is shot in a jittery cinéma vérité style.

It’s titled “The Prelude Pathétique” after Beethoven’s “Sonata Pathétique.” It isn’t set to music, but Gaga does a voice over.

“I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened. It’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully the lie of it all is much more honest, because I invented it,” she says.

She then devolves into psychobabble: “Clinical psychology tells us arguably that trauma is the ultimate killer. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics. They can be lost forever.”


Gaga says the upcoming video, which has no set time for release, will be “the longest I’ve released to date” and calls it the “beginning of the story I never told you.”

If the clip is any indication, the story will almost certainly be rambling.

Gaga goes on in the voice over to talk about fashion, the nurses clothing and their jaunty berets, which she says are worn to “keep the blood out of their hair.”

‘Those nurses are wearing next season Calvin Klein and so am I. And the shoes – custom Giuseppe Zanotti.

“I tipped their gauze hats to the side like Parisian berets because I think it’s romantic, and I also believe that mint will be very big in fashion next spring,” she adds.

Gaga is flat on her back for the video as she is wheeled through the hospital. Her hair is cropped short and raven-colored and her skin is an ashen white.

She ends up alone in a stark examination room, her fate unknown.

Check it out below: