David Letterman's Sleazy Slam of Mariah Yeater (video) 1David Letterman has an uncanny ability to smell a weasel. Maybe that’s because he is a weasel, and a hypocrite to boot. He’s also way too quick to smear Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater.

Say what you will, until the results of a fair and independent paternity test are in, it’s Bieber’s word against the 20-year-old San Diego single mother’s.

In other words, she could be telling the truth. Letterman would her owe her a big fat apology. And, Bieber would owe her much, much more.

But what’s particularly grating about the whole matter is the way Yeater is being blown off because she comes from a poor background and has led a less than chaste young life.

Let’s face it, if it were any other way, she probably wouldn’t have gone with Bieber to the bathroom and had sex with him, if it indeed happened.

While her credibility is in question, so is Bieber’s. But suck-ups in the media like Letterman automatically seem to assume that because Bieber is a celebrity, he somehow is the victim.

Talk about a sense of entitlement and self-absorbtion.

While Bieber’s supporters are quick to brand Yeater trailer trash, they should keep in mind that the same thing can be said about the 17-year old pop singer.

Bieber’s mother, Patricia Lynn “Pattie” Mallette, was 17 years old when she became pregnant with her son.

Mallette, who worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raised Bieber as a single mother in a low-income housing project. Bieber’s father was a drunk and deserted his family.

Like Yeater he’s also a high school drop out.

You can’t get any trashier than that.

Maybe that’s the attraction between them that Yeater spoke about, a shared background.

Thank God Bieber has musical talent and was given the freedom to develop it.

But he isn’t that far removed from the projects himself.

He should know better than to allow his handlers to slur Yeater because she’s “trailer trash.”

Letterman was pathetic on his show. “That made me see red!” he said about Yeater’s claims.

And when Bieber asked why he was so angry, the host replied, “I could smell a weasel.”

Dave is obviously still smarting from the 2009 attempt by a fellow CBS employee to extort $2 million to keep quiet about Letterman’s dirty little secret.

Former CBS News producer Joe Halderman’s clumsy attempt to wring money from Dave to keep quiet about Letterman’s numerous sexual escapade with staffers, led to Halderman’s conviction for attempted grand larceny.

Letterman’s ability to smell a weasel suggests that he was the victim. Far from it.

Letterman should have been fired for banging the hired help, which potentially exposed his employer to millions of dollars in damages for sexual harassment, not to mention opening himself up to extortion.

But he got a pass, because of his celebrity status, just like Bieber is getting a pass now.

That makes Dave’s righteous indignation over the Bieber allegations pure hypocrisy.

Let’s hope Yeater is lying, because if she isn’t, Bieber’s career should be over.

It’s not so much because he knocked her up; it happens.

But if she is telling the truth that means he is deceiving his fans, lying to the public and using the power of his new-found celebrity status to smear someone who is only trying to get her day in court.

As for Dave, he’s just a big fat ass. Watch below: