Miley Cyrus Glams Up for Good Cause (photo, video) 1Miley Cyrus cleans up really well. She shimmers in a sequined dress in a glamour photo shoot for The Beauty Book for Brain cancer, a charitable endeavor involving dozens of celebrities.

Cyrus’ career seems to be taking a turn away, for the moment, the raunchy rocker chick image she tried to cultivate after leaving her hit Disney show “Hannah Montana.”

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She’s been in a steady relationship with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and has a couple of movies coming out in later this year and next year.

The Beauty Book is a hard cover coffee table book with images celebrities, musicians and top models.

Money raised from sales will go directly to brain cancer research through two charities called SNOG and HEADRUSH. The charitable organizations are non-profit and rely on donations for research.

More than 17,000 Americans and 280,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with brain tumors every year. Brain Cancer is one of the leading cause’s in cancer-related death’s in patients younger than 35, according to the group.

Celebrities supporting the project are too numerous to mention but include Glee’s Dianna Agron, Selma Blair, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Gerard Butler, Lily Cole, Brooklyn Decker, Fergie and Scarlett Johannson.

For a complete list check out the group’s Web site called, where you can buy the book.

And, check out a behind the scenes look at Miley’s photo shoot.