Scarlett Johansson unveils a new darker sexuality which hints sado-masochism in the upcoming issue of Interview magazine, only weeks after nude photos of her leaked onto the Internet, causing an uproar.

It wasn’t the nudity that upset Johansson so much, it was the fact that the photos were hacked from her phone or email account and shared with the world–not just her ex-husband as originally intended.

Johansson has never appeared topless in a movie, but she doesn’t leave much to the imagination in the latest photos.

Her hair is cropped short and she poses with a come hither look in her smoky eyes, wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana jump suit.

Check out Scarlett’s photos; click to enlarge.

Other photos show her in submissive poses on her hands and knees and in sexually provocative poses with her legs spread wide apart.

The photos are a departure from her usual sunny buxom blonde image and shapely curves.

In the interview, Scarlett talks about giving something back to the world.

She cites one of her recent projects, a beanie hat she helped design for Neff Hope, a non-profit group involved in cancer research.

“I helped create this Neff Beanie with the hope that every purchase might make a cancer patient feel a bit more comfortable during his/her treatments and look cool and be cozy all the while,” she said.

Johansson will appear on the big screen next with Matt Damon in the family film, “We Bought a Zoo” followed by the highly anticipated “The Avengers” with Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.