Miley Cyrus Suggests She Smokes Way Too Much Pot (watch!) 1Miley Cyrus, a chronic over-discloser, let slip during her 19th birthday party that she’s very comfortable around a bong, and not only to smoke salvia (ha!). She also suggests she’s a pot smoker.

The former squeaky clean star of Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” celebrated her birthday last weekend at Beacher’s Madhouse Club in Los Angeles with her BFF Kelly Osbourne.

A 43-second video from the party has surfaced on the Internet in which Miley with Kelly standing next to her talks about smoking pot.

The video opens on a raucous scene with Miley and friends singing a rendition of Fifty Cent’s “It’s Your Birthday.”

Her birthday cake topped with sparklers can be seen in the foreground.

The next scene shows Miley with a mic in her hand.

Miley thanks everyone for waiting for three hours and throwing a party. Then she points to her cake and says “This is amazing.”

Kelly leans into the mic and notes that it’s a “Bob Marley” cake.

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,” Miley replies.

“You know you smoke way too much fu*king weed,” Miley adds.

Kelly grabs the mic and interjects: “I thought salvia was your problem, Miley.”

Miley just smiles.

Ironically, Kelly jumped to Miley’s defense last December, after a video went viral showing Cyrus hitting a bong at a party, leading to a new wave of criticism, even from Kelly’s mom Sharon Osbourne.

At the time, Kelly said that Miley had learned her lesson. Cyrus claimed the pipe was filled with salvia, an herb that supposedly has hallucinogenic properties, but is legal to possess.

“I’m sick of all the haters judging her. She made one mistake and trust me, she has learned her lesson!” Osbourne said.

Mila Kunis was one of several stars who asserted that the “Hannah Montana” star likely was smoking marijuana.

Now there seems to be no question about it.

Incidentally, Sharon Osbourne called Miley a “bad influence” on her daughter.

Miley Cyrus’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus also called the salvia smoking incident “sad” and led to a brief falling out with his daughter.

Check out the clip below.