Kim Kardashian Reveals 'Naked' Truth Behind Divorce (video) 1Kim Kardashian apparently couldn’t stomach Kris Humphries old fashioned values. Why, he complained about her nude male yoga instructor. It appeared to mark the turning point in their marriage, according to “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.”

The scene was one of many that played out on the premiere of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” the Kardashian reality show that Kim is using as a wrecking ball to tear down her 6’9″ former spouse, metaphorically speaking of course.

After the nude yoga incident, one of those “reality” moments that seemed a little too obviously scripted, Kris ends up moving out of the New York hotel where he and Kris had set up their marital bed.

Talk about a set up. Kim, her sister Kourtney and hand-picked friends taking part in the naked yoga session when Kris walks in cold.

Only the instructor, of course, is naked. “That is disgusting,” he bellows. “This is my home. This is disrespectful.”

As far as Kim is concerned Kris is simply immature. This is the 21st Century, after all, and naked yoga, well, everyone does it, right?

“You can’t take it? I can’t take it…I felt uncomfortable when I came in. I nearly threw up,” Kris responded.

As busy newlyweds, you’d think Kim would want as much alone-time with her new husband as possible.

Yet, she invites Kourtney and her son, Mason, to live with them. What’s with that?

Finally, Kris has enough of that, too.

“Mason’s play pen five yards from my room. Naked yoga dudes. I think I am going to go to Minesota and get ready for the season and just train and stuff.”

“I don’t really know what to say,” replies Kim.

“I just don’t really get it, we’re going to live separate and stuff,” Kris says.

See, here’s the problem. Kris can’t tell the difference between his “real” life and his “reality” life.

The confusion suggested he really wasn’t cutting it as a cast member on the show. So Kim basically fired him.

“We didn’t plan for any of this – but we will figure it out,” Kim tells the camera later.

Yeah right. The guy was clearly a loose cannon.

Kim’s life has been turned upside down since her decision to divorce Kris just 72 days after their blow out wedding.

She may be one of the most hated women in reality television right now, but she knows a killer ratings bonanza when she sees one.

Although Kim said she didn’t want the show to focus on the marriage blow up, “Kourtney & Kim” is neck deep in it. Smart move.

Right off the bat, there was no doubt where this train wreck was heading. The show opened with a montage of all the media coverage in the wake of Kim’s announcement.

If only Kris had grasped the “reality” of the situation. Instead of complaining about the nude yoga trainer, he should have stripped down in front of Kim and the girls.

Instead of complaining about Kourtney, he should have made a play for her. Now those would have been “real” Kardashian moments.

Check out the video below.