Justin Bieber Baby Drama: Yeater Ex-BFF Says He's Daddy 1Will Mariah Yeater’s real baby daddy please stand up? Ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell now claims he’s the daddy of the child that Yeater claims Justin Bieber fathered when he was 16.

The revelation would seem to take Bieber off the hook once again, and comes as another damning twist to Yeater’s claims that she had backstage sex with the teen sensation during a Los Angeles concert in Oct. 2010.

She gave birth to a boy last July and filed a paternity suit against Bieber, demanding a DNA test, to prove his is the father. But the story has taken more twists and turns than a French mountain road since then.

Now Powell is telling friends that he is the biological father and has decided to speak out because he’s tired of Yeater trying to exploit the child for monetary gain, according to gossip site, TMZ.

Of course, Powell is shopping his story around to the tabloids, obviously, looking for a payday as well, the Web site reported.

Powell reportedly is ready to say that Yeater told him that Bieber isn’t the father, and that she made the whole thing up looking for a payday from the teen star.

“Mariah told him the whole Bieber story was BS. We’re told Robbie believes she did it for the money because she’s desperate for cash,” TMZ claimed.

Powell’s name surfaced after Yeater was outed by a friend attempting to cover up evidence that he was the father of the child.

The 20-year-old San Diego woman reportedly sent a text message to the unidentified friend, Nov. 16, asking him to erase messages in which her mother names Powell as the father of her child.

Yeater even promises to cut him in on the action when she scores a payday from Bieber.

“Ill kick u when we get paid,” she supposedly wrote in one of the more infamous lines in the saga.

Her lawyer, Jeffrey Leving, has since claimed that the text messages were faked, and he is pursuing the case against Bieber.

Leving said he is actively engaged in negotiations with Bieber’s legal team to arrange a paternity test.

He’s keep his client under wraps, since she gave a devastating television interview.

Bieber has already taken a paternity test at a New Jersey clinic, but Leving said the test is unacceptable because Yeater wasn’t represented when it was done to insure a proper chain of custody.