Miley Cyrus is trying to do good, even when she’s messing up. Fresh off a pot smoking dust up on her 19th birthday, Miley is taking a stand in support of Occupy Wall Street.

Although the Disney star has never been known to be political, Miley is growing up and obviously growing more aware of the world around her. Or at least the celebrity world.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has caught the attention of a number of celebrities, from Russell Simmons and Anne Hathaway to 92-year-old folk singer Pete Seeger, who was spotted in the crowd at one demonstration.

Miley is showed her support by creating a new video for her single “Liberty Walks.”

The music serves as a backdrop to images and video from protests around the world and in some cases, focusing on the harsh police reaction.

“This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in,” a statment at the beginning of the video reads.

New York City has been ground zero for the demonstrations in the United States, and the Bloomberg administration has done a poor job of handling them.

The clearing of Zuccotti Park by riot police armed with tear gas and pepper spray drew strong protests from Alec Baldwin and other stars.

Miley has been feeling her way from Disney teen queen to adult rock and roll star, with a few stumbles along the way.

A video leaked yesterday (Nov. 27) from her 19th birthday party in which she clearly seems to suggest she’s been smoking waay too much pot lately.

Her friend and party mate, Kelly Osbourne later went on Twitter and claimed Miley was just joking because friends had presented her with a birthday cake with an image of Bob Marley in the icing.

Maybe so, but it seemed a little hard to swallow, given Miley was caught on video last December skillfully hitting a bong allegedly filled with what she claimed was salvia, a legal, although supposedly mildly hallucinogenic herb.

Whatever she’s smoking, it’s good to see Miley expanding her horizons. Check out the video below with Rock Mafia.

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