Beyonce has had a change of heart about the extent she was “influenced” by a Belgian choreographer’s dance moves in her “Countdown” video. Or was it the threat of a lawsuit claiming she stole them?

In any event, Bey has released a second version of the clip that has none of the dance moves that choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker claimed were lifted from two of her dances.

When the video was released in October, the similarities were too obvious to ignore. A viral video circulated comparing the two, and the moves were almost identical.

Beyonce admitted she was aware of Keersmaeker’s work but said was only inspired by it. Kerrsmaeker went a bit further.

“This is plagiarism. This is stealing. It’s a bit rude,” the Belgian complained.

She said the video borrowed heavily from two of her works, “Achterland” from 1990 and “Rosas danst Rosas” from 1983.

What’s worse, Keersmaeker accused Beyonce of watering down the moves, sapping them of “power” and making the commercial.

Not long afterward there was also talk of a lawsuit. Whether one was filed or just threatened is unknown. But the Keersmaeker moves have vanished from the new version.

Check out the old and new videos and a comparison with the first version:

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