Justin Bieber continues to allow his baby mama drama to fuel tabloid headlines when he could easily end it by working out an acceptable paternity test with mama Mariah Yeater’s lawyer. What gives?

Bieber has maintained that he is not the father of the San Diego woman’s baby boy ever since the story broke in early November.

He could have ended the controversy quickly by working out an agreeable DNA test with Yeater’s lawyer Jeffrey Leving.

But nearly a month has gone by since the matter became public, and the scandal still hangs over his head.

Meanwhile, the three-ring media circus continues.

In the latest development, Leving lashed out at Yeater’s former boyfriend Robbie Powell, charging that he is exploiting her child for media attention and a tabloid payday.

Hmmmm… why does that sound familiar?

He claims he’s the real father of the child and that Yeater made the whole thing up about Bieber to scare the teen star into paying her off.

And, he’s (ahem) tired of her using the baby for attention.

Powell has offered up a DNA sample, but Leving says if he were serious, he would have contacted his office and not gone to the media first, according to gossip site TMZ.

“If Robbie Powell ‘actually’ believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly,” Leving told the gossip site.

“Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah’s legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it.”

Powell reportedly has received multiple offers from tabloids to tell his story.

Looks like he may have accomplished just want he wants… a payday.